Acura Trunk Lockout

11/14/2014 17:01
portland-locksmith-acura-lockoutI got a call recently of a customer who accidentally locked the keys to his Acura inside the trunk. My first instinct was to try and open it using the trunk release lever inside the car which did not work as I expected (otherwise the customer would not have any need for a professional locksmith). The customer informed me that he had deactivated the trunk release button by turning off the switch in the glove box. However, the glove box itself was locked as well. I tried to picking it, but after a few minutes of trying it did not seem I’m going to get anywhere by continuing picking.
portland-locksmith-acura-lockoutAs a result, I figured I would look to see maybe I can find another way into the glove box that would allow me to access the switch which would initially trigger the trunk release mechanism. Using a small wedge placing it in the upper left hand corner of the glove box's door, I pried outward gently until there was enough room to insert my probe light so I can see if there is an easy way getting to the switch. The rocker- type switch was straight in from where the glove box door was pried by me and seems to have an easy access to using a hook pick. Once I turned the switch to the ON position, it was a smooth sail from there pressing the trunk release button and get the customer’s key out of the trunk.
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