Transponder Keys

06/23/2015 17:28

Locksmith Spokane transponder keyThe most common type of automotive keys in the market today are transponder type keys. These types of keys are known as chipped keys as well. They are mostly responsible for starting the vehicle once inserted and turned in the ignition switch. As many car manufactured tend to implement this technology today, the function of the transponder chip is to transmit a signal between the key and the vehicle's on board system. This system intended to make vehicles more secure where the only person who has the original key would be able to start it which will minimize vehicle theft.

The way a transponder type key work is by a small chip that is usually attached to the head of the key (underneath the rubber or plastic coating). The transponder chip will have a unique code which is sent to the vehicle's on-board computer system when inserted inside the  ignition  switch. Once the signal is sent, the on-board computer of the vehicle will confirm the signal code and in turn will send a signal back allowing it to start the vehicle. If the system does not recognize the code, the vehicle will not start.

Spokane locksmith transponder keyIf you own a vehicle that works with a transponder system, it is recommended to always make sure you have a spare key in case the main key was lost. In a situation where you do not have a spare key and you accidentally lost your only key, then the only places or people that will be able to originate a new key for you are the dealerships or locksmith companies who have the right equipment to do so.

Because of the complexity of the system, sometimes, these keys can malfunction which will eliminate you from starting the vehicle. During time, the chip in the key may suffer a significant wear which will affect the signal strength which in turn will cause intermittent starting malfunctions. In these types of cases, a new key will need to be made most likely.

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